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Behind Every Great Apricot Hill Woman
is a Great Apricot Hill Man


I was flattered last Sunday when two ladies at the Club stopped me to compliment my play coming up the 18th fairway.  They also commented on how nice it is that I every time they see me I am happily playing golf with my husband and appear to enjoy every moment of it.  I thanked them quickly advising  that they were correct; I enjoy every moment golfing with my husband though I do not necessarily like the way I am playing every moment.

On Monday the Apricot Hill team assembled to ideate on social media promotions.  To date, our Apricot Hill team has been reticent to engage in one-off promotions across social media channels preferring to focus our energies on building our FREE Card Exchange and planning for the introduction of our Apricot Hill Membership Community next month.

The notion of creating a Valentine’s Day promotion was tossed out and caught.  What better time to test the social media waters than to stay true to the essence of the Apricot Hill Woman by engaging our Apricot Hill community in a “Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Man” Valentine’s Day promotion.  After all, if you understand the Apricot Hill Woman you appreciate that the Apricot Hill Man is paramount in her life and critical to her success and well-being.

Consider that an Apricot Hill Woman is a wife, mother, co-worker, friend and community leader. She has a defined lifestyle and a well-managed life. She can also be a handful and, like a lioness on the Serengeti, hard to tame.  However, she is as comfortable in the kitchen as she is in the board room; decisive when it matters, flexible when necessary; handy not helpless.  She continues traditions while creating new ones; is devoted to entertaining with him by her side; and never forgets to write a thank you note.  She yearns for simplicity looking for a place where laughter and love trump schedules and spreadsheets.

But what is it about him that makes him so special and ideal for his Apricot Hill Woman?  The Apricot Hill Man is wise, disciplined and ethical.  He is decisive, respected and successful.  He is mannerly, extremely patient and amused.  He is always in control but never controlling.  He is proud of his Apricot Hill Woman, her best friend, confident and playmate.  He knows when to hold her hand or simply wave as she goes off on a shopping spree, or for that matter, a tangent.

Valentine’s Day provides us with an opportunity to shower our Apricot Hill Man with love while engaging Apricot Hill Women everywhere to join.  This year, we invited one of our favorite purveyors of gentleman’s lifestyle essentials, M. Dumas and Sons to partner with us.  From Vineyard Vines and Southern Tides to VK Nagroni and Social Primer we have ten days of giveaways, perfectly suited to the style and sensibility of our Apricot Hill Man.

Apricot Hill made it easy for all.  Log onto Facebook, LIKE My Apricot Hill’s page, SHARE and COMMENT, cross your manicured fingers and hope to win.   In the meantime, do what we do, let your Apricot Hill Man know how much they are loved and appreciated each day.  After all every day is Valentine’s Day with an Apricot Hill Man by your side.

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