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Industry leaders Butterfield & Robinson have been planning biking and walking tours through some of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations for more than forty years. These are not your typical backpacking adventures. Butterfield & Robinson has taken biking and walking tours and added luxury and sophistication.
Now offering more than 100 trips around the globe, Butterfield & Robinson began when Martha and George Butterfield and Sidney Robinson, Martha’s brother, took students on a bike trip throughout Europe in 1966. Their goal, to bike to places they had gone on earlier travels and finish each day with a fabulous dinner and great bottle of wine was an immediate success that quickly evolved into the travel company Butterfield & Robinson. The original concept of bike trips in Europe quickly led to adding walking tours through Europe to their list of offerings, and finally, having realized their patrons yearn to see the rest of the world as well, providing tour options on all points on the globe. As founder George Butterfield says, “We never wanted to be the biggest travel company, just the best.” They have changed the way travelers think about “backpacking through Europe” by adding the luxury of staying in fine hotels and arranging dinners (complete with great wine) to their guests they take on tour.
The adventurous itineraries Butterfield & Robinson curate are anything but the hostile-staying, budget-meal searching, typical-after-college-backpacking adventures, these trips are well-planned and well-appointed. Before your trip begins you have the advantage to speak with a B&R Travel Advisor to assist you in everything from what level adventure to take, where to take it and what you need to pack. Having trouble deciding between the Italian Lakes Walking Trip and the Morocco Biking Trip? Not a problem, let the professionals talk you through the itinerary for each and find out for what you are looking. Once there you can put yourself safely in the hands of the experienced guides that will lead you on your journey. Butterfield & Robinson even offers Bespoke travel, for those who want the knowledge and experience of a guide in an environment custom tailored for your group—be it small or large.

In addition to having the experts at Butterfield & Robinson at your disposal, from your first trip you become part of the B&R Cru, their loyalty program, which entitles you to receive preferential rates from their service partners Cary Limousine (for transportation), Luggage Forward (so you never have to lug baggage through an airport only to find it did not make it to your final destination), Fit for Trips (a program that will custom design workouts to make certain you are adventure travel ready) and AirMed (a necessary insurance policy that ensures you will be flown by private medically equipped jet to the nearest state of the art medical facility, even from the most remote parts of the globe).
Every trip is categorized by three activity levels (Easygoing, Moderate, Challenging), ranging from short walks or rides on fairly flat terrain to long hikes or rides on challenge laden, hilly terrain, to ensure there is a trip offered to suit every individual’s needs. The activity levels even blend well together. For example, if you are the most active person in your group and want an extra ride or hike, your guide can easily suggest a route. Conversely, if you are just not into the ride or walk halfway through the day, you and your equipment can hop in the B&R van and be taken straight to the hotel. A win-win for everyone involved.




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